Flavia has over 10 years of experience in the beauty, body, skincare and make up industry. She has been closely following the trends of microblading and micropigmentation. Always keeping on top of new beauty trends she has been extensively training, in Brazil as well as New York City with world renowned International migropigmentation masters as well as world famous European microblading structors. Always keeping on top to determine what is the best for each of their clients needs.

Flavia, knows how to analyze the face geometry to design a brow that preserves all the natural hairs, removing only the unnecessary hair at the creation of the design. Taken in consideration of the facial structure to make a design that combines the actual full brow tendency and right angles of the face.

As a life long fine art student, since childhood learning and incorporating a variety of painting mediums and realistic drawing.  All of her fine art studies of practices translates to a refined eye to establish balances, harmony and understanding of using color in a medio or on the skin. She is able to use her expertise and knowledge to determine what is the best for each of her client’s needs, Flavia is a specialist on hair strokes, 3D embroidery, ombre, permanent make up, eyeliner, lip liner,  shadowing eyebrow corrections, old micropigmentation removal, eyebrow connections and areola reconstruction and repigmentation.