Microblading is becoming an incredibly popular treatment as more and more people see the great results just after a few hours. It has been around Asia, Russia, Europe, and South American for many years. Now it is becoming popular in USA. Microblading technique allows the creation of crisp individual hair strokes. Each hair is drawn with pigment implanted in the basal membrane of your skin and therefore it looks more realistic than regular traditional permanent make up technique or tattooing.

This amazing eyebrow technique suits people ages 18 to 90, male and female who do not ideally have their desired brow shape, that over plucked, lost hair, patchy areas, too light hair, or not enough arch, and it fill in where eyebrows will not naturally grow back. Microblading gently enhances client’s features, offering clients confidence in their overall appearance. The results can last from 6 to 12 months depending on different factors. However a touch up once a year is recommended to retain the shape and saturation of pigment. This is a safe and non-invasive procedure.

How is it done…

 Microblading is performed in two sessions apart by 4 to 6 weeks. First session duration is about 2 ½ hours. Most of this time is to measure and design the client’s brow according to his/her face. It is performed with a manual tool which does require a light/ firm hand control, and great eye to hand coordination to perform artistically each crisp hair stroke naturally thin as a real brow’s hair. Implanting the pigment into the skin is done with the manual tool with a fixed small disposable blade with a varied amount of tinny pins, (depending of each client’s skin type, condition, and design). Resulting either in an extremely natural looking hair strokes, or powder/ ombre effect brows.

Microblading performed with correct technique is a gentle skin scratching, creating no harm to the skin. Improper technique or lack of the practice though, may cause undesirable results.

 Microblading is somehow similar to the micro pigmentation technique or permanent make up. Micropigmentation is performed with a mechanical tool, that has a rotation motor similar to a tattoo machine, but with much less power to implant the pigment into the skin. This will give) micropigmentation permanent make up a much softer natural looking with the advantage of shorter duration on the skin compared to a tattoo.

 Microblading is an evolving technique that allows combinations of strokes & shadowing methods, to customize to each client expectations and needs.

 Retouching Session

Your one session touch up must be used within 4 to 8 weeks from initial treatment session date. For treatment that requires 2 touch ups, the first one also must be used within 4 to 8 weeks from initial treatment session date. Call or text 2 weeks after first treatment please, or set next appointment upon first one.

 If for any reason, you cancel and reschedule your free appointment to touch up within less than 7 days, or miss your free touch up appointment, a fee of $90.00 will be charged to reschedule it.

 Additional touch up fees 

  • Touch up prices applied only for existing clients after the first and only free touch up session.

1-2 months     $90 session (after free touch up it will apply)

2-3 months     $180.00 session

3-6 months    $290.00 session

6-12 months  $340.00 session

12-18 month  $450.00 session

18+ months  $490,00 session up to 24 months. By then regular full price will apply.


 Appointment: a deposit of $140.00 is required for booking an appointment for consultation or actual day of microblading service. Clients may pay personally or over the phone. The deposit will be deductible from the total cost of the microblading service, at the time of the appointment.

 Cancelations: deposit is only refundable if 7 days notice is given. For rescheduling, the deposit is only transferable to a new appointment if 7 days notice is given to reschedule. This policy will be applied.

If for any reason at the day of the appointment you decide not to proceed with the microblading eyebrow hair stroke/3D, or any other permanent make up service, the deposit will not be refundable. No exception!

If you are unsure about to proceed with the service after the initial consultation, Flavia has the right to use 50% of the appointment deposit fee as a consultation fee.

Clients coming with existing tattoo or microblading performed in another studio are considerate a new client, and will be charged full price.

 Preparing for the appointment

In order to prevent skin from bleeding and guaranty the anesthetic cream great effectiveness refrain from using:

Pain killers, blood thinners (talk to your doctor and let the technician know), fish oil, do not consume any beer/ alcoholic beverages night before, caffeine at the day off procedure. Refrain from exercising on the day of treatment.

Refrain from any product that cause skin sensitivity 10 days prior.

After care compliance for microblading and permanent make up treatment:

Prior to the treatment, client must be informed in detail about their post treatment responsibility so he/she could know, in advance, if they can comply with post-treatment procedure in the week following the procedure. Choose the date thinking if you have an event within a week after the treatment. If yes, switch the date of it, and read the our cancelations policy.

What to expect – A flushing of the skin as a post-reaction is away on the same day. First seven days, the eyebrows are 10-15 percent thicker and up to 40 percent darker, the client should remember and expect it. The pigment will set in the skin, accommodate within days.

Avoid the following after post-treatment:

-Bathing in public pool. / Direct sun exposure.

-Sauna or any other ambience with high temperature or steam.


-Training with heavy sweating

-Dusty ambience.

-Cosmetic products and any other professional facial treatments.

All of the above refers to a period of 7 to 30 days, while laser treatments, IPL treatments, fruit acid and chemical peels are never performed over the eyebrows.

During healing process, the cream used on the eyebrows is determined by Microblading Artist (depending on skin type). In order to keep the treatment long life, apply SPF 30 daily on the area.

After Care Instructions

Full lips

  • Clean gently with neutral cleanser, unscented. Pat dry with clean tissue.
  • Redness, swelling, tenderness, dryness are all common post treatment side effects to be expected.
  • Do not eat foods that can potentially irritate the lips skin (greasy, sticking food, hot soups, spicy, salty, seafood, acid food, artificial color enriched) until any of the side effects above are all gone. Clean lips gently after eating each meal.
  • Do not pick the skin, scratch, or rub under any circumstance. Your lips will be dry and chopped for 2 -3 weeks.
  • Do not cover lips with a bandages, plastic, tape etc.
  • No make up on your lips or around for 7 to 14 days, until completely healed, only a balm given by us. Use it for 14 days, 3-5 times daily using a Q tip to apply.
  • No swimming, hot baths, hot yoga, sauna, steam room, hot tubs, tanning bed, and last but not least passionate kissing!
  • Right after the lips tattooing the pigment may look much darker and vibrant, unnatural. It will definitely lighten about 30% to 50%, and more than one retouch will be necessary to achieve the desired color. Lips have the most unpredictable outcome.
  • Notify if any allergic reaction is noticed or infection during the healing days.


  • Color may appear 30% ~50% darker and loo unnatural, depending on client skin type, it will lighten 30% ~50%.
  • Takes 7 to 10 days to heal, it is normal to experience redness, tenderness, swelling, scabbing and itchiness.
  • Do not use contact lenses for 3 initial days after.
  • Notify us of any allergic reaction during the healing days.

People Not Suitable For This Treatment

-Pregnancy (the treatment is not performed)

–  Serious diseases such as cancer, epilepsy, autoimmune, diabetes diseases (consult a doctor and provide him printed version of treatment)

– Broken capillary in the eyebrows area

– Seborrhea dermatitis

– Breast feeding (the treatment without anesthetic)

– Diabetes (possible if it is under the control of a physician)

– Botox (after 30 days)

– Abrasive treatments within a month before treatment (ONLY after a month post)

– Keloid scars on the brows, or Tendency towards keloids

– Medicines for blood thinning (coagulants)

– Old PMU (advisable to schedule a consultation)

– Changes of color and structure on the eyebrows skin area


— A personal or family history of***methemoglobinemia, or any genetic

(Inherited) enzyme deficiency cannot have anesthetic cream applied on the skin during the microblading. GET EMERGENCY MEDICAL HELP IF YOU EVER HAVE SYMPTOMS OF METHEMOGLOBINEMIA a: headache, tired feeling, confusion, fast heart rate, and feeling light-headed or short of breath, with a pale, blue, or gray appearance of your skin, lips, or fingernails.

All abrasive skin treatments, and laser treatments must be avoided on area where pigment was implanted. Laser treatments or IPL treatments over the microblading might cause the pigment fading including burns in the fields.

– Before the treatment, the client’s skin should not be red or inflamed, or in a process of recovery from another injury, or had cosmetic treatments.

– Botox treatment must be at least 3 weeks apart prior to the microblading treatment.

– Microblading should not be performed over moles, keratosis and certain types of scars.

– Consult with personal doctor in regard to any possible skin changes in form of texture and skin color before treatment.

-It is also imperative to consult with a doctor if you have certain allergies, auto-immune diseases, skin diseases, or are on medication

Disconfort /pain during the process

For the first pass, while the character of the “Blade” scratches on the dead skin cells or epiderm layer, and this pain can be compared to plucking more than one eyebrow hair at once.

During second part of the process, when the hair stroke is filled with the color, an anesthetic cream is used to reduce discomfort to minimum. Note: The pain may be noticeable if the customer has the cycle, if the customer at the moment is afraid or if the customer has damaged skin, or drank the night before. Anesthetic cream is not advice for first pass for optimal results, but can be used for client best comfort.

 – SIDE EFFECTS there is none if it is not done on client that fits in the contra indicated category.

– NATURAL HAIR will not be removed except in the case when they are not ideal, and of the outline form of the eye shape design. This technique is all about to give an impression of fuller natural appearance. The treatment we perform is on the skin not on the natural hair, and the hair is not damaged. Eyebrow hair will require to be plucked as usual outside the microblading design to maintain its crisp and fresh design.

– SCARS. Pigment is not implanted on kelloidal scars. In other scars are allowed if they are older than two years.

– PREVIOUS PERMANENT MAKE UP. If you have it, or if you have removed it with laser treatment or other technique before you make a microblading appointment, an evaluation with us is necessary. You may not be candidate for microblabing because sometimes it is not possible to do the treatment and the results can also be unpredictable.

– CHANGES of SKIN. The treatment is not carried out in areas where change of color or structure has happened to the skin.

– AGE RANGE. There is no maximum limit. Minors must come with customer support of parents.

-If you are not completely sure if you need this treatment or you have not made any firm decision, make an appointment with the Microblading artist to clarify questions and doubts.

Guarantee of a precise durability is not possible, but its long lasting can be predicted within a time frame. The individual results varies providing the quality /kind of skin type, durability/degradation of color, life style, as well as of the post-treatment phase, that is not predictable and care should be followed as suggested and explained to the client.

Symmetry are dependent on facial muscle expression must of times, and symmetrical measurement is done according to each person individual features to balance any asymmetry in order to reach balanced features.

Expectations Before Treatment

1.) Habit

No matter how bad your eyebrows are, they are simply part of you whenever you look in the mirror. Usually women are somehow accustomed to their eyebrows even though they know that their eyebrows are far from being perfect. When you decide to change them you should know – whatever we do with them, it will be a shock for you. Every tinny change, especially on the face, is something that is not experienced with enthusiasm at first.

A particular problem is that the eyebrow shape looks more emphasized than it actually will be after the procedure, because at first the framed eyebrow drawn by the artist, has a contour framed by a dark pencil, and it is hard for someone to imagine how it will look like when the frame is erased, and the form is filled only with individuals hairs.

2.) Eyebrows by model

Often clients bring images of particular women (it is always a very beautiful woman with more than an average eyebrows) and want to have exactly the same eyebrows. Topics “Forming shapes” and “Symmetry” will help you understand that your facial morphology is responsible for the eyebrow shape you have

3.) Tension

Fear and tension are almost always your followers at first permanent make up treatments. For this reason is very important that you inform yourself about what you can expect, and to have a clearer picture of what you want. The biggest problem may occur when a woman is unsure whether she wants to do a treatment at all. When I notice that, I decide to give her a little bit more time to make a decision and postpone the treatment for a month or more.

4.) Perfection

Eyebrows cannot have a clear definition. Eyebrows must have occasional hole between the hairs where the skin is visible. Somewhere on the eyebrows sometimes hairs must stick out.

Everything that I mentioned is what will absolutely affect the eyebrows to express a natural appearance. There are no perfectly defined, and perfectly filled eyebrows. The same arrangement of hairs also cannot be on the left and the right eyebrow, because hairs are drawn by hand without templates.

  • On your first visit to our studio, we ask you to arrive 30 min prior to scheduled for filling paper, and be confortable.
  • On second appointment/ visit we ask you to arrive 10 prior to the treatment time.
  • Please arrive with a clean face and free of make up on brows, eyes lid and lashes. If you are wearing make up, arrive 15 min earlier and ask for a make up remover to remove it. It will avoid delay in your service.
  • We ask you to refrain from drink caffeine for at least 3 hours prior of the treatment. Alcohol at the night before, or at the day of appointment. It will prevent twitching of the eyes, and to lying down for the time needed.
  • Please use restroom before service; it will prevent delays since appointment is as long as 2:15.
  • We ask that you limit conversation during the microblading design or lash extension application. Your stylist/designer is working around your eyes, and it is essential for the perfect technique application that your eye lids and muscles around the eye to be very relaxed and still.
  • We love children & animals, but we cannot interrupt the application session, to take care of them. Please refrain from bringing children or puppies to your appointment.
  • We make sure to provide a very relaxing room, your relaxation and comfort during the service application is very important to us! We have on hand essential oils, squeezing balls, fluffy pillows, blanket and bolsters for your comfort. Don’t worry if you fall sleep during your service application.
  • The presence of friend companion for comforting is not allowed, since client needs to be lying still, relaxed, and conversation to be kept to a minimal. We kindly ask your understanding; the service requires the still facial muscles for best service performance. Your technician is highly training on the artist service as well high-end spa relaxation services.
  • It is our policy to ask for cell phone turned off during appointment, the eyes will remain closed during the treatment.